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The Alumni Mentor program connects recent grads with alumni mentors that are already established in their fields.

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MI's Academic Departments and Career Development Office provide a variety of resources to students. If you think you can contribute to the career counseling program, seminars, or industry fairs, contact


Alumni Outreach Coordinator

T: 323.337.1061
F: 323.461.0495



We're very excited to launch the MI Alumni Network page, an online resource for MI's Alumni community. This webpage provides information on how members of MI's Alumni Network can reconnect with old classmates and contribute to MI's growing student community on-campus. Whether you're a recent grad looking for support as you begin your career, or hoping to contribute to campus life, this webpage provides information on how you can get in touch.

Stay in the loop about changes at MI, upcoming events and the school's recent growth. The Alumni Network webpage will help you find answers to frequently asked questions, and stay up to date with industry-related articles and interviews with relevant professionals. Learn about your fellow MI Alumni and their achievements in the music industry by reading our regular updates - if you feel like you have an update you'd like us to consider for the webpage, let us know!

If you're not already dialed into the network, catch up with the Alumni Outreach Coordinator, Art Andranikyan. We'd love to get back in touch and connect you with the many resources still available to MI graduates such as our

  • Hiring Hall program
  • Song Submission Service
  • Band Booking Service
  • M.I. Connects
  • Career Counseling and more

If you no longer live in the Los Angeles area, you can still take advantage of resources provided by the Alumni Network. MI's Career Counseling program now allows alumni to check in with visiting counselors via skype in order to receive valuable counseling from some of the hardest working names in the music business from wherever they are.

To get in touch, email, or drop by the Career Development Office on campus to meet Art and find out how being a member of the MI Alumni Network can benefit you.