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Credit: Michael G. Stewart

Bjorn Thoroddsen Builds Career as Jazz Guitarist in Iceland

Bjorn Thoroddsen (Guitar '82) has been one of Iceland's leading jazz guitarists for many years. Winner of "Jazz Performer of the Year" at the Icelandic Music Awards in 2003, Bjorn is a member of the group Guitar Islancio that holds the honor of being the first Icelandic Jazz group to ever release a gold-certified album. He has performed at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Konsberg Jazz Festival, JazzFest Berlin, Jazz Rally Düsseldorf, Winnipeg Jazz Festival, Toronto Jazz Festival and more.

In addition to his busy career as a performer, Bjorn also runs the televised Icelandic Guitar Festival, which has found much success in recent years.

For more information about Bjorn Thoroddsen, visit


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