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The Alumni Mentor program connects recent grads with alumni mentors that are already established in their fields.

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MI's Academic Departments and Career Development Office provide a variety of resources to students. If you think you can contribute to the career counseling program, seminars, or industry fairs, contact


Alumni Outreach Coordinator

T: 323.337.1061
F: 323.461.0495


Musicians Institute has changed a lot since it was founded as the Guitar Institute of Technology in 1977. With new programs like our Independent Artist Program, Audio Engineering (Live Sound, Post-Production), Music Video & Film, Guitar Craft (Acoustic/Electric), and others, MI strives to offer relevant education to prepare graduates for successful careers in the music industry. Still located in the heart of Hollywood, MI's campus has grown to include new buildings in the Hollywood area and continues to update its existing campus with state-of-the-art technology and equipment available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to dedicated students.

State-of-the-art facilities open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for students.

Our growing student community continues to transform into a healthy alumni family every year as more students graduate and enter the workforce. This continued growth has sparked a desire to streamline services available to alumni and focus a strong movement towards providing regular events and opportunities to this extended network of graduates working around the world. In November, MI's Alumni Outreach Department hosted its very first Alumnapalooza, offering seminars and networking opportunities for several hundred alumni, and in March the Musicians Foundation hosted over 350 graduates at an event that raised around $25,000 for the Musicians Foundation Scholarship Fund. MI's Alumni network looks forward to more events in 2012 and encourages its alumni community to stay in touch about other opportunities to get involved.

Panel at the 1st Alumnapalooza

Alumni Reunion, 1977-1994

In addition to stronger connections with its alumni community, MI continues to strengthen its relationships with the music industry at large. The MI Conversation Series launched in 2011, hosting regular chats with A-list musicians about their careers and life as a working artist. These musicians chat with MI students and interact with an audience viewing online through a live-streaming feed on the MI Facebook page. With past guests like Jackson Browne, Nikki Sixx, Don Was and others, all events in the MI Conversation Series are open to alumni that RSVP. If you're interested in attending one, contact the Alumni Outreach Coordinator!

Brandon Boyd of Incubus, MI Conversation Series.

MI's Artist & Career Services Department is also constantly expanding their Career Counseling department and increasing industry services for students - bringing valuable expertise on campus to interface with students and alumni. Soon to join the list of valuable resources is a Skype-based Career Counseling program that enables alumni around the world to take advantage of the industry guests we have on campus. Whether you're looking for tips on songwriting, legal advice, or an honest assessment of your pending publishing deal, our Career Counselors can point you in the right direction.

MI's administration and faculty maintains its long-standing commitment to providing exceptional resources and opportunities to its students and is happy to welcome new faces to its education department. With new Program Chairs like Francis Buckley (Audio Engineering), a GRAMMY Award-winning producer and engineer who has worked with Quincy Jones, Alanis Morisette, Black Flag and others, and Bob Cutarella (Music Business), also a GRAMMY Award-winning producer, publisher and licensing expert, MI is developing a plethora of new educational opportunities that will keep our graduates ahead of the curve and well-equipped for this ever-changing industry.

If you would like to drop in and check out MI's new facilities and programs, contact the Alumni Outreach Coordinator at

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